SSWG - November 8th 2023


Action Items

  • :a: @tomerd to add Sebastian to meeting



  • :a: Discuss future strategy with Mishal and @patrick. @tomerd @adam-fowler to contact Mishal to arrange
  • :a: Adam to move thread to Swift forums for next steps
  • Question around responsibilities of maintenance
  • Who has spare capacity
  • Tooling workgroup would be the ideal place, but not set up yet
  • Patrick is still working on it
  • Will check with Patrick to try and see about adding new maintainers
  • @tomerd, @adam-fowler, @patrick and Mishal to discuss at next link up

Sven Joining

  • Valuable member with lots of usage experience
  • General consensus was that he would bring good experience for marketing, community out reach
  • Sven raised issue of diversity and taking up another spot
  • Given me have another slot, we can reach out to the community if anyone is interested to join
  • :a: @tomerd will publish welcome note for @sebsto and advertise open slot for people
  • :a: @tomerd to reach out and ask Sven

Survey Data

  • Konrad created thread
  • Going to circulate internally for input
  • Everyone to have a read and create summary sentences

AL2023 Support

  • @sebsto was working on it
  • Major blocker is default linker is not supported
  • Sebastian and Tom to try and push through as time allows

Other Agenda Items

  • :a: Structured Concurrency - @FranzBusch actively working on guide - carry over
  • @FranzBusch to create thread for core team follow ups - done
  • @Joannis_Orlandos to pitch MongoKitten - created
  • SourceKit-LSP meeting - done today.
    • Been a lot of work recently on SourceKit-LSP
    • Discussions around ensuring releases are synced with Swift
    • Commitment to continue working together to ensure issues are covered
  • 5.9.1 Backtrace issue -
    • 5.9.2 includes a number of fixes
  • :a: @0xTim, @graskind, @tomerd Follow up on SQLite separately from SSWG meeting - carry over
  • :a: Survey improvement discussions - @ktoso to create thread - carry over

Yearly Goals

  • No concrete goals for how to grow the ecosystem
  • Should assign owners to help push through
  • Memcached library - GSoC project
  • Connection Pool library - trialled in PostgresNIO
  • Shared middleware - @tachyonics to own middleware goal. gRPC to get implementation
  • Distributed Tracing - lacking guide for implementation and work in libraries.
  • Better showcases of Swift on server deployments and success stories - TODO
  • Better visibility of Swift as a server language - TODO
  • Website improvements are good, more to be done. Documentation is a big focus for the SWWG which we need to work on

Goals for 2024

  • HTTP Server a clear goal
  • Ship new middleware library
  • Revisit SSWG guides on to align with new design
  • Big examples of real-world end-to-end use cases and project would be great
  • AWS end-to-end example with Lambda is possible
  • Success stories should be highlighted
  • Performance benchmarks are an important focus as well