SSWG - September 13th 2023

Meeting notes by @davmoser, sorry for the delay



Discussion Topics and Actions


  • Patrick made a post
  • we need to engage @tomerd and the tooling group to determine next steps
  • @adam-fowler will start a group conversation and coordinate

Swift Package Index

  • @adam-fowler chatted with Dave and Sven
  • they are concerned about producing editorial content if we use tags
  • Dave Verwer can attend a future meeting to discuss (@0xTim will coordinate as Adam will be out next time)

Github Action for generating the dependency graph


  • has been posted but not many comments
  • members should review the proposals and comment

Desire to use Swift Concurrency exclusively

Update swift-server/sswg-collection

  • @0xTim identified this PR that is pending approval

Schedule follow up with core team

Set up meeting about CI and drift

  • @ktoso to start a group thread to discuss next steps

Set up recurring meeting with language group

  • @ktoso is working to collect the topics and will start a thread or forum post

Forum post for survey

Publish maturity review

Service context and distributed tracing

  • @adam-fowler indicated the proposals are up and approaching the two week deadline

5.9 blog post

  • will be published on Monday (when 5.9 is officially released)
  • @tomerd has submitted a PR to add workgroup relevant updates web site

  • has been redesigned
  • Server has been elevated to the main page