SSWG Community Survey 2023

Hello everyone!
the SSWG prepared a Community Survey aimed at the server-side ecosystem that we'd like to share and ask you to participate in.

Please respond and share the survey with fellow developers interested in server-side Swift and let us know your thoughts! The survey will be open for a few weeks.

The survey is anonymous and no data that can be used to identify participants is collected.

You can find the survey over here: - Swift Server Workgroup Survey 2023

We look forward to hearing from you and look through the responses!
Thank you in advance, from the entire workgroup!

-- Server Side Workgroup


Hello everyone,
we have already received many hundreds replies -- thank you everyone! -- and we're going to keep the survey open for another week before summarizing it.

The survey will remain open until October ~6th, tell your friends, share on social media! :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for participating! We're working through the results and will post a small summary shortly :pray:


Any updates on the survey results?

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Sorry for the delays, we're working on getting the results into a nicely readable summary.