SSWG - August 30th 2023



Action Items

  • For Swiftly, Adam to follow up with changes and post with Patrick :a: @adam-fowler
  • carry over build github action for generating the dependency graph, to be used by CodeQL et al - :a: @graskind
  • DiscordBM: Joannis will be the review manager and create proposal PR. :a: @Joannis_Orlandos to post early next week
  • carry over to update the guidelines to better reflect the desire to use Swift Concurrency exclusively :a: @FranzBusch
  • carry over update swift-server/sswg-collection :a: @0xTim
  • Tom to schedule follow up with core team :a: @tomerd
  • Tom to set up recurring meeting with language group :a: @tomerd
  • Konrad to talk with Holly/Mishal and forum post for survey :a: @ktoso
  • Konrad to publish maturity review :a: @ktoso
  • Adam to be review manager for service context and distributed tracing :a: @adam-fowler
  • All to look at 5.9 blog post :a: Everyone


  • Everything ready to go. Meeting looked at blog post
  • Comment about additional platforms. Windows will be interesting

Yearly blog post

  • Has been posted

Core team meeting

  • good meeting
  • need additional meeting
  • For IDE point, need more focus to make the need clear. Work on slides to make sure it is presented correctly
  • Bag of Bytes needs to be brought up with language group


  • Got feedback and good to publish survey


  • 5.9 should have improvements for registries

Next time on SSWG

  • Discuss SPM improvements