SSWG - February 28th 2024



Carry Overs

  • @FranzBusch :a: corelibs aren't annotated and they will cause problems
  • @FranzBusch :a: Sendable needs better clarification since we have potentially over annotated our libraries
  • Remaining packages that need to be pitched:
    • swift-asn1
    • swift-certificates
    • swift-otel
    • swift-nio-ssh, swift-nio-http2, etc. (Proposal to just collect them under the NIO umbrella)
    • swift-service-discovery
    • swift-async-dns-resolver
    • swift-cluster-membership
    • swift-kafka-client
  • AL2023 - Default linker is not available, but we have changes to fix. Need someone from the compiler team to shepherd it into a release
    • Desire to switch from Gold to lld
    • :a: @Ben_Cohen to discuss internally
  • :a: Survey - @Joannis_Orlandos to create PR on the website
  • Lambda Runtime - @tomerd was down to finalise a 1.0 release, need someone to take it over.
    • Should wait on the 1.0 tag until we fully adopt Swift Concurrency
    • Need to find a maintainer to adopt Swift Concurrency, Swift 6 and service lifecycle. :a:Sebastian to post on the forums
  • :a: JWTPitch - @ktoso to do a vote async
  • SSWG Meetup - @Joannis_Orlandos spoke to Holly, waiting on reply. Discussions happening in the Core Team to find a path forward
  • :a: Singleton in AHC; @FranzBusch to work with Johannes about documentation for when libraries should use the singleton
  • SSWG in the SPI - @finestructure has a path forward with orgs hosting their own lists




Oracle NIO Driver:

  • :a: @sebsto to set up a private DM and do is async

New Members:

  • @ktoso to create a thread with responses and we’ll vote
  • Group to vote by Friday

LLDB Adapter:

  • Will be shipped in the next nightly

I’ve noticed the SSWG meeting notes are coming out a bit more frequently, and closer to when the discussions happened. Thank you for that, in hoping that this pattern is intentional. I appreciate the improved recency to keep up with what’s happening.