SSWG - April 12th, 2023


@tomerd @0xTim @ktoso @jdmcd @Joannis_Orlandos @FranzBusch @tachyonics

Action items from Previous Meeting:

  • :a: @graskind finish updating swift evolution for property wrappers in protocols - carry over
  • :a: @0xTim to investigate slim containers based on Canonical's work - in progress - carry over
  • :a: @0xTim SwiftPM support in Dependabot - working on this. Looking through old PRs will have something for next meeting - in progress, PR might be up next week
  • :a: @davmoser Support AL2023 - reached out to Amazon folks to look for help
  • :a: @tachyonics Shared HTTP server - initial post draft done, needs to incorporate feedback now
  • :a: Tracing: everyone to review the lib
  • :a: Survey: We need to incorporate it into the yearly blog post
  • :a: @Patrick Swiftly is migrated to the Swift Server repo and CI is set up.
    • @patrick to get the final 1.0 stuff ready
  • :a: @tomerd to organise core team link up based around the 2023 goals
  • :a: All to ensure the publish meeting notes - @FranzBusch to publish the next ones


  • @jdmcd Blog post from Transeo's Swift experience
    • @jdmcd to prepare a draft blog post
  • @tachyonics Hosted a middleware meeting to gather initial feedback and show how it works in the Smoke framework. Overall feedback was good and now moving forward to create a proposal for it. Working on a post how to bring this to the community.
    • :a: @tomerd to figure out the initial commit
  • @ktoso GSoC proposal review for Memcached and rated them
  • @FranzBusch The NIO team is landing the NIOAsyncChannel behind SPI right now and is looking for feedback