January 18, 2022

Attendees: @0xTim, @fabianfett, @kmahar, @patrick, @tachyonics, @tomerd, @varland, @ktoso

Action items

Carry Over Pending Discussion (mainly requiring input from @tomerd)


  • Static linking decision is currently with the core team
  • @0xTim Lack of arm docker images increasingly noticeable due to VSCode extension
  • @0xTim will push SwiftPrometheus maintainer search on Vapor discord if there's a forums post to link to; currently blocked on repo move
  • @0xTim Next steps for VSCode extension known and defined
  • Static linking on linux; should raise issues at bugs.org. Two special cases; neither libcurl or libxml will be statically linked.
  • MQTTNIO proposal accepted at sandbox level.
  • @fabianfett: there is room to improve Swift Frameworks/Components ranking in search engine results. @0xTim Vapor will be getting a website overhaul to improve discoverability
  • Re Paywalled! the only tutorial out there on how to use Swift on AWS EC2, @0xTim mentioned they want to overhaul that chapter anyway. @fabianfett; deployment steps should be easy with docker and static linking.
  • Discovery of SPM packages in edit mode: there is an upcoming pitch
  • GitHub - apple/swift-metrics-extras has been released
  • from @patrick; Swiftly is almost ready, he is returning to it after the New Years break