February 15, 2022

Attendees: @graskind, @ktoso, @varland, @tachyonics, @0xTim, @adam-fowler, @kmahar, @patrick

Carry Over Action Items

  • @tomerd - to get VSCode CI setup (Carry over)
  • @ktoso - unable to get hold of SwiftPrometheus maintainer. We don’t have access to be able to transfer. Will post on forums and then decide what to do. Post here
  • [AI] @0xTim to go through package list to make sure each has at least 2 maintainers with appropriate access
  • @graskind to write SQLiteNIO proposal (Carry over)
  • @ktoso Is working on naming conventions to allow moving test utils from swift-metrics-extras to swift-metrics and a create blog post. (Carry over)


  • @0xTim has finalised draft of 2022 goals. Will post a PR to get feedback
  • [AI] - Everyone to review 2022 goals post
  • @varland still working on AWS with Swift guides
  • @adam-fowler noted that 5.6 SourceKit will have fix for new files not being picked up
  • [AI] - Everyone to review their meeting notes that aren’t published, chase up approvals and post
  • @fabianfett posted that AHC now has async/await APIs. @0xTim and @adam-fowler noted that adoption at the moment is going to be hard due to the new return types. Trying to merge both ELF APIs and async/awaits isn’t really possible
  • SwiftCryptoExtras module is available to test to see if we can remove all the extra copies of BoringSSL that are currently needed
  • Swiftly update - @patrick says design is mostly finalised, @adam-fowler to review and then code can start. Patrick mentions MVP might be Linux only
  • New meeting day of Wednesday to avoid core team clash - [AI] - Everyone OK?
  • [AI] @graskind to collect stats for linking time problems and create SR to be directed to the right person