February 2, 2022

Attendees: @0xTim, @fabianfett, @kmahar, @patrick, @tachyonics, @varland, @ktoso, @graskind

Action items
@0xTim in progress with the various "Install Swift" GitHub actions authors about collaborating. The goal is to make them more official. There's a meeting planned for Friday (2-4) to review goals. Next big question is where to host (SWG or new org).
@tomerd Status of docker images is in progress for multi-arch.
@tomerd Move of VSCode extension CI is in-progress.
@ktoso to move the SwiftPrometheus to the swift-server organization and post to the community.
@0xTim Large collections in MySQLNIO timeline has been pushed back to allow time to improve API stability and performance tuning; @fabianfett is the review manager
@graskind SQLiteNIO PR progress is expected this week.
@tomerd 2021 retrospective and 2022 goals meeting was held last week. @varland and @tachyonics need to provide commentary. ETA for publishing to the community is 3 weeks.
@0xTim Has created a PR for server guides to highlight special cases (libcurl and libxml) for static linking frameworks and to link to back to server guides (e.g. Vapor and Smoke) when possible.
@varland Is in progress to find a resource to write a guide for Swift on AWS.
@fabianfett Resolved the Reload Swift Package when new file creation is indicated by DidChangeWatchedFileNotification by ahoppen · Pull Request #443 · apple/sourcekit-lsp · GitHub 1
@ktoso Is working on naming conventions to allow moving test utils from swift-metrics-extras to swift-metrics and a create blog post.

@0xTim with connect with @tomerd wrt
-Add support for Swift Package Manager by mattt · Pull Request #3772 · dependabot/dependabot-core · GitHub 1 and general GH update
-Are there developers out there using Swift on Ubuntu? - #27 by Daniel_Mullenborn 1 and swift.org
-Update dev container for swift by damuellen · Pull Request #1238 · microsoft/vscode-dev-containers · -GitHub 1
-VSCode/GH verification update
-2021 Update and publishing timescales

Carry Over Pending Discussion
@tomerd Google considers this site a high-reputation domain. like all forums, this site automatically nofollow s all outgoing links to discourage spam.

@ktoso Will update @tomerd wrt next steps on Prometheus
@fabianfett - From the community "I would like to publish some private modules and submodules under the swift-server organization on GitHub. what’s the process for getting added to that organization?" How to get added to swift-server organization on GitHub?
There's a perception that the bar is higher than it actually is.
Discussion produced the following outcomes:
@kmahar - provide suggestions to clarify the current sandbox guideline to simplify and clarify
@kmahar - provide suggestions for examples showcasing sandbox process artifacts