July 21st 2021

Attendees: @tomerd, @tachyonics, @fabianfett, @0xTim, @ktoso, @adam-fowler, @varland, @patrick, @kmahar

Action Items

  • @ktoso: Seed a guide on how to use Swift with GitHub Actions
  • @0xTim will pick up leading survey effort in the next month or so, though not before next meeting. in the meantime, everyone should continue posting any ideas for survey questions in the forums
  • [carry over] @tomerd to find feedback on swift.org/server from @tachyonics and @0xTim in past meeting notes.
  • @0xTim to work on a guide covering all the plugins/setup he used for VS Code
  • @tomerd to reach out to Kyle Fuller about swiftenv
  • [carry over] @ktoso to lead effort to put together guide on migrating to use async/await and concurrency features for library maintainers.
  • @0xTim to open a Jira ticket regarding swift test not working on macOS without Xcode installed.
  • @tomerd to follow up with Mishal about the community apt repository for Swift to see if SSWG should take action or if he is going to drive it.
  • Everyone: read the maturity review thread and vote on decisions / bring up any feedback or questions so we can compile and publish results.
  • @0xTim, @ktoso, @tomerd to reach out to various maintainers re: maturity review discussion
  • @fabianfett to invite @lukasa to an upcoming meeting for SwiftCrypto discussion


  • Are there any good examples of getting started guides we should aspire to?
    • Rust's are generally very good
  • @tomerd suggests we kick off a "swiftup" effort similar to rustup, which would make getting started (and writing guides to do so) much easier. swiftenv may be a good basis for the installation part, many in the SSWG already use it
  • Async/await / concurrency migration guides. This is becoming more urgent with time and we will need to be working on it out-of-band. Lots of questions to answer such as
    • I maintain a library, how do I incorporate this?
    • if my library supports old platform versions e.g. iOS < 15 where concurrency will not work what do I do?
    • what if a library has a dependency which will not support async/await APIs?
  • @0xTim: found an example of someone trying to use Swift without installing Xcode on macOS, motivates pitch for Swift CLI to be standard across platform. In this particular instance, the problem occurs when trying to run swift test as this relies on the Objective-C runtime. Work would be needed in SwiftPM to decouple this, Tim will open a ticket. See thread here
  • A community member has made an apt repository for Swift as a proof-of-concept, thread here
  • Maturity review has been completed; we are compiling the results and will announce on the forums when done.
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