April 13, 2022

attendance: @0xTim, @patrick, @adam-fowler, @tachyonics, @fabianfett, @jdmcd

Action Items

Carry over from last meeting:

  • @graskind to finalize SQLite proposal
  • @0xTim has continued working on getting 2021 update published, hopefully a PR to come soon.
  • @tomerd create PR for adding SSWG guides to swift.org
  • @tomerd Swift Server CI should support linux arm64
  • @ktoso to do a new Doodle poll to figure out a new meeting time
  • Everyone to review updates to swiftly proposal here



Sendable adoption

  • No real updates from Vapor or MongoDB since last discussion
  • Updates from @fabianfett on several packages
    • swift-log has a PR up. One interesting issue being discussed there that may be hard to solve without a breaking change.
    • swift-metrics, swift-aws-lambda-runtime, nio-ssh, async-http-client all have PRs up
    • There is WIP in SwiftNIO to write an AsyncEmbeddedEventLoop which would make testing that interacts with channel handlers easier and hopefully unblock SwiftNIO Sendable work. PR here
  • Soto has a PR up. There is going to be a new major version anyway so breaking changes haven't been a real concern. Some more back and forth to be had
  • MQTTNIO has a PR up. Since the APIs is small, this was pretty straightforward and the changes are about ready to merge
  • Smoke will adopt Sendable in a new major version

Backtrace support for arm64

  • We have a GitHub issue tracking this here
  • There is a Swift Google Summer of Code proposal to add backtrace support directly to the Swift runtime, which we think might solve this issue
  • If anyone is interested in this, please get in touch