December 6, 2021

Attendees: @0xTim, @adam-fowler, @fabianfett, @graskind, @kmahar, @patrick, @tachyonics, @tomerd

Action Items

  • [carry over] all to check out pitch for enabling static linking by default
  • [carry over] @tomerd to discuss better meeting times with @ktoso
  • @0xTim to chat with the various "Install Swift" GitHub actions authors about collaborating
  • @tomerd and @fabianfett to follow up about blockers to publishing official multiplatform Swift docker images
  • All to check out SPM command plugins pitch
  • @tomerd to take on moving SwiftPrometheus to the swift-server organization
  • @0xTim will push SwiftPrometheus maintainer search on Vapor discord if there's a forums post to link to
  • All to take a peek at the MySQLNIO proposal PR
  • @graskind to put up a SQLiteNIO proposal PR as well


  • MQTT NIO - incubation process proposal PR opened to the SSWG repo, ready for review

  • Linker memory usage issues - running into issues on AWS especially, tends to crash without errors

    • Need to record any specific instances and file JIRA issues with details, will forward them on to the Swift team
    • Could possibly be Vapor-specific
  • Discussion of "Install Swift" GitHub action

    • Would be beneficial to have this or something like it in the incubation process
    • There are a number of similar solutions, all at differing levels of maturity. Ideally, there could be some consolidation on a single solution
    • @0xTim to chat with the various authors about collaborating
  • Discussion of multiplatform Swift docker images

    • People should start using statically linked executables for this
    • Publishing of official images currently blocked on dockerhub's end
    • @tomerd and @fabianfett to follow up on this
  • Should concurrency guide be updated to account for async back deployment?

    • No update to be made now, can revisit when the Xcode that is in beta now is released
  • Should SSWG enforce a timeline for libraries to adopt the concurrency guidelines?

    • most of the libraries have already been doing some work to adopt it, as the underlying technology matures the work group will consider updating the technical guidance for incubating libraries
  • SPM command plugins

    • Useful for integrating custom commands into build system (e.g. formatting, linking, creating archives, maybe publishing)
    • could help with vscode plugin to get info about package
  • XCTest crashes when using async/await on nightly builds on Linux ([SR-15561] XCTestCase crashes due to use of expectations in async/await method on Linux - Swift)

    • Just raising attention to this, looks like someone is assigned and aware of it
  • SwiftPrometheus is looking for maintainers!

  • Guide on GCP deployment - @0xTim and @fabianfett to review

  • .rpms and .debs for installing Swift exist, would love to have people try them out

    • instructions on how to do this: here
    • also check out the README found here
  • MySQLNIO proposal PR is up for review

    • Already in use by big users of Vapor, so hitting sandbox requirements will not be an issue
    • Should aim for same graduation level as PostgresNIO

More information here [SwiftPrometheus] Looking for maintainers

I would be interested in contributing to SwiftPrometheus.


Awesome! Want to chat a bit about it? Maybe on the swift server slack? :slight_smile: