Am I really allowed to edit thread titles? (Seems so)

I just discovered that I can edit thread titles. And I tried in one thread.

Swift Build Ecosystem (Compile Time Code Execution, Build Management)

Previously it was called [PITCH] Swift Build Ecosystem (Compile Time Code Execution, Build Management).

To be honest I would change any title that uses the redundant [tag] since we have categories for that, but this will also change the permalink I think. However before doing more changes, I’d like to know from @forum_admins if I’m really allowed to do that or some unwanted forum setting slipped by.

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I just edited your post’s title… to make a point :smiley:

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Apparently you can edit titles if you have at least a regular trust level. I cannot for instance, because I am a member.

Interesting, I didn’t know that I reached a new level. :thinking:

I had the same questions with you, here is the FAQ:

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Oh I see. I’m actually in favor of these differing levels of user. It should hopefully ease the burden of the forum mods.

Some self-moderation is a good thing imo.


The criteria looks pretty strange or random to me, e.g. you need to “like” 30 posts to get the ability to edit thread titles?

Just discovered two additional things: Jeff Atwood is a cofounder of Discourse and Discourse works with a reputation system. He did co-found StackOverflow so it does make sense. It’s a nice system.

Time to earn these reputation points!