Drop topic prefixes in favor of categories

It seems that some people (maybe even new to the evolution process) still have the mailing list habit to prefix topics with [category] tags. This was necessary for the mailing list, but is completely redundant in here now.

There are a few options that come to my mind how we can solve this minor issue:

  • Add a note to FAQ (however most people will probably ignore that).

  • Allow other people to edit topics (not everyone) other than site admins.

  • (Preferred) Bulk edit and remove [tag] from all posts and leave only assigned sub-/categories.


I agree. The [Swift Forums] leading tag is particularly duplicative.

I'm not sure this is the right place to post jokes.

Neither am I, but don't be a buzzkill :p

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Well maybe I don't understand your sarcasm, but FYI check the associated posts for the reclaimed @Chris_Lattner3 user.

OH shit, haha you're right. I wonder why it says Trust Level: basic user. I'm surprised he wasn't given some sort of mod/admin status

The site was launched a few days ago, not everyone is aboard yet. Some of the users switched email addresses on the mailing list for different reasons (Chris for instance once had an @apple.com mail address). That's why sometimes you see a number at the end of the account (if it wasn't renamed by the user are he/she reclaimed it). This is also mentioned in the FAQs.


Your belief that there is a real chris lattner shows just how convincing modern AI and robotics are.


New achievement unlocked: Turing Test passed. :man_technologist:


Anyways, I wasn't talking about the [Swift Forums] tag in emails but rather the custom tags in topic names, but yes this tag should also fade.


  • Before: [Swift Forums] [Evolution/Pitches] [pitch] adding toggle to Bool

  • After: [Evolution/Pitches] adding toggle to Bool


  • Before: [pitch] adding toggle to Bool

  • After: adding toggle to Bool

I just came here to post the same topic. The prefixes are ugly and non-functional compared to first-class metadata such as tags and categories. I would be happy to convert them as we go, provided that I get the edit privileges. Bulk-edit would be nice, but this is going to be an ongoing effort – see Stack Overflow where people still tag metadata in the title even after all those years.

Metadata aren’t visible in lists of messages, at least not on mobile, but topic prefixes are. I actually prefer prefixes like “[Pitch]” greatly for that reason.

What is not visible on mobile again?

Not for me:

Nor here:

Actually that is correct and is the same for me. You‘re viewing the latest active posts for the main categories. In my screenshot I showed it using the latest filter.

For me, it’s much more important that with first-class metadata such as categories and tags we can 1) always decide later (perhaps as a user setting!) where to display them and where not, and 2) we can click the labels to cross-reference posts. With the soft metadata embedded in post titles we can do neither.