Code of Conduct
All forum activity is expected to conform to the Swift Code of Conduct. Violations can be anonymously flagged via the forum for review by administrators using the flag icon on a post.

Accounts can be set up using either email registration, or GitHub accounts. For those who have previously sent messages to the various Swift mailing lists, a staged account will already be set up, and you can take control of the account, provided you still have control of that email address.

Logging in with Github
To log in using Github credentials, use the "With GitHub" button on the login screen. Another browser window will open to complete authorizing use of your Github credentials.

Note: it appears that some browser plugins (like ad blockers) may interfere with this. If you have issues logging in with GitHub, try disabling browser plugins.

Taking control of a staged account:
If you have a "staged" account -- because you have previously participated in the Swift mailing lists -- you can take control of the account by going through the new account process using the same email address that is listed for the staged account. You will be required to verify that you have control of that email address.

Consolidating multiple accounts:
Multiple staged accounts may have been created for you if you participated in the Swift mailing lists with multiple email addresses. If you want to consolidate 2 or more accounts into one account, please message @forum_admins specifying the accounts, and requesting that they be consolidated. As this can be a time-consuming manual process, these requests will be handled as time allows.

User Preferences
You can configure user profile and preferences, including profile picture, email preferences, and category and tag tracking via the user preferences page. This is accessed via the gear button in your user menu:

Configuring category and tag tracking:
You can configure what categories and tags you want Discourse to track and notify you for. These can also be used to get email for the specified categories and tags. This is configured in your user preferences page under "Notifications"

You can also configure notification status for specific categories and topics from the dot_menu

You can choose to get email notifications for tracked categories tags, and can also choose to mute certain categories or topics within tracked categories. Replies via email to forum topics will be posted in the forums.

Getting forum activity via email ("mailing list mode"):
In order to get email from the forums, similar to a mailing list you must first set up categories or tags that you want notifications for. You can configure Discourse to send the notifications sent to you in the manner of a mailing list from the "Emails" section of the user preferences page. You will need to "Enable mailing list mode" and select an option from the drop-down.

Creating topics via email:
In order to create new topics via email, there will be an email address corresponding to each category/subcategory (similar to a mailing list email address) that can be used. This will be listed in the "About" post for each category, as well as on

Tagging users:
Within the forums, users can be tagged as “@Username” and can get notifications based on that tagging.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Discourse has a robust set of keyboard shortcuts, listed below. You can also find this list via the 06 AM menu.