Swift Forums Won't Accept Certain Topic Titles

For some reason, Swift Forums would not allow me to title my topic "Conforming a SwiftUI View to CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible". Whenever I tried to create the topic, Swift Forums presented an alert that said "Title seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?", to which I clicked the only available option "okay", and was sent back to editing my topic, effectively forcing me to change the topic title. Although even after changing around the ordering of the words a bit, Swift Forums still wouldn't budge, so I was forced to change the title of my post to something less descriptive, "Using Swift Playground’s Quick Look with SwiftUI Views".

Is there any reason that this restriction is in place? At least in my case, I feel that the original restricted title was better and Swift Forums forced me to choose a worse, less descriptive title (which is obviously not ideal). Is this something that an administrator can disable? If not, it seems that there should at least be a way to circumvent the error alert.


Try again now. There's no specific setting for this but I changed something that may be less restrictive...

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I just tried to change the title of the topic to the aforementioned title and I got an alert that said, "Sorry, an error has occurred."

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Looks like there's some weird Discourse restriction on the length of a word in a title. I can make a post with CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvert in the title, but not CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible. So, no more than 30 characters?

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Well that's.... weird. Let me look.

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Aha! Found the culprit. Now it should work.


Just changed the title. Everything is working perfectly now. Thank you!

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