Where did the `regular` trust level go?

I just noticed that I can no longer edit titles of threads and fix tags, like for example adding #off-topic tags or move threads from wrong categories somewhere else.

@forum_admins did you changed the trust levels or did I lost my trust level for no reasons?

cc @John_McCall as an admin.

Judging from how I still have it, I’m guessing you haven’t maintained the requirement. Regular is a temporary level.

It would be nice if we could nominate community leaders.

That's weird. I'm lurking day and night in the forums, reading a lot, writing posts here and there, editing tags when appropriate.

Maybe someone flagged something I wrote in the past which caused me losing the trust level?

You can read about the trust levels here. It requires a least 5 posts flagged before its lost. Although if you’ve been muted or suspended, it can also go

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So basically I have no way to know why I lost it, or if there are some posts of mine that were flagged or muted or whatever.

Dear forum admins if you're reading this, can you maybe provide a helping hand through a DM and tell me if there are a number of posts from me that got flagged or something (just the count is okay).

And can I get the level back at some point?

I put you back at "regular". Apparently the system decided you hadn't viewed enough topics in the last 100 days.

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Cool thank you. Maybe I focused too much around property wrappers and similar discussions. I guess I need to read more topics to keep the level.

The documentation says 25% of new topics, apparently across all categories; it'd be nice if we could at least filter that so that it excluded some of the highly topical categories, but I don't know of any way to do that.

If someone who's been helping to moderate drops off, we can always lock them to a particular trust level.


It‘s up to you to decide. I‘ve been moving and tagging lots of #off-topic posts since I created the tag back then. I also cleaning up tags in titles from time to time where appropriate or redundant. ;)

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It seems silly that people can lose trust level 3 for any reason other than spam / flagged posts / unacceptable behavior.

The whole rigamarole with likes and topics visited and so forth provide a reasonable proxy for community engagement, but once someone has shown themself to be an engaged and valuable member of the forums, they shouldn’t lose that status just on account of being inactive.

(Or worse, just on account of an excessive number of new CI Notification topics being created, or other threads in categories that aren’t of interest to them personally.)

These trust levels are an automated feature of Discourse, and I don't know that the other admins or I have much control over them.

It would be great if there was an additional moderation level between regular and leader levels. That level would be something that the admins can decide that someone who already has the regular level should be locked at. Last but not least, the moderator level could also allow one more editing option than the regular level which is slicing and merging threads. I often see people want to discuss something but they bombard an already huge thread with replies (myself sometimes included). I would like to help and with their permission slice and move a particular discussion into its own thread. However that editorial functionality is limited to the leader trust level, but I don't want to bother admins with such pings.

Personally, I don't think this community is active enough yet to require higher permanent levels. I don't think it would hurt to have them, but I think we've been okay with regular users + the moderation team.

I think the biggest issue is definitely people creating topics in other categories when they really want #swift-users. It's certainly what I'm fixing 99% of the time. But even that I would say isn't a huge issue that requires draconian posting requirements or increased moderation.