Topic Replies Activity
Why can't a subclass use didSet to observe parent's private(set) properties? 8 January 7, 2020
Why can't we call superclass convenience initializer from subclass? 18 December 24, 2019
What kind of black magic reconciles protocol with class inheritance 4 November 19, 2019
Default Protocol Implementation Inheritance Behaviour - The current situation and what/if anything should be done about it 23 August 30, 2019
Swift - Generic Class Inheritence 10 January 28, 2019
Add `intermediate` keyword to subclass definition to mark that the actual direct superclass is unknown when the subclass is defined 11 July 15, 2018
Creating an object by passing a metatype to a generic function uses the default parameter values of the base class' init 15 May 14, 2018
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