RedisNIO Name Brainstorm

Hi All,

As we're expanding the Swift ecosystem and learning more about how easy it can be to clash namespaces between repositories & Swift modules, we're finding that "cute" names are the better route even if they're harder to create.

Like NIOAPNS, I'm open to suggestions for renaming swift-redis-nio-client / RedisNIO and would like to open this up to the community.

All suggestions are welcome, even non-"cute" ones!

Some starting ideas:

  • RedisNIO (keep it how it is)
  • RediStack
  • RedBlock

OInsider (spelled it backwards!)



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It would be a shame to not consider RediSwift

There have been a lot of name brainstorms happening lately. It might be worth it to establish a naming convention for the SSWG so that we don't end up with a bunch of disjoint names and don't have to work so hard to name things.

This is something the SSWG has been debating back and forth, as the following threads have shown:

  1. Namespacing of packages/modules, especially regarding SwiftNIO
  2. [Feedback] NIO-based HTTP Client

Ian Partridge from IBM suggested similar to you, where we have swift-<package solution name, such as APNS>-nio and the modules drop the swift part ie. APNSClientNIO or APNSNIO.

There's still concerns that with such consistency will still lead to close clashes, and as the SSWG pointed out - multiple packages may be accepted for the same solution domain (say, two Redis libraries) that might take different approaches and solve perhaps different problems for users. The SSWG is intended to be a guided process to validate project maturity and viability, not to necessarily be a board that accepts only "official" solutions.

With that said, having a more strict naming structure restricts the flexibility of naming "competing" packages.

In the last SSWG meeting (just posted the notes) we have been discussing this. The tl;dr is:

  • for existing projects with existing tags & users: name stays as is (unless there are some existing, problematic clashes)
  • for new projects: cute names preferred

The reason that we explicitly don't want a naming convention is that this is a perfect recipe to get clashes :slight_smile:. I totally understand that engineers like conventions but for naming that is problematic in Swift right now. So if at all possible we'd welcome "cute" names because they are less likely to clash as a workaround for the current situation.

Would it be a good idea to have a common theme for the cutesy names? Such as birds or names that start with “sw”. It would give enough freedom to avoid clashes, but still have some consistency

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Hi all, thanks for the help in brainstorming!

I've decided to go with RediStack. I'll be renaming the repo and modules this weekend.

I'll update this thread with the new links once I've done so.


Sounds really cool actually! Great stuff and thank you!

The repos have been moved, with the modules all renamed.

GitLab Repo: Nathan Harris / RediStack · GitLab
GitHub Mirror: GitHub - Mordil/RediStack: Non-blocking, event-driven Swift client for Redis.