Is device supported?

Hello everyone
I'm wondering if I can use this microcontroller for embedded Swift. If so, what do I need to do to use it? I don't have much experience with coding for microcontrollers.

That's an ESP8266 which has an Xtensa MCU, and as of today Embedded Swift doesn't support Xtensa (only RISC-V MCUs from the ESP family are supported). See Is there support for Xtensa LX7 cores?

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Thank you for your quick reply.
What hardware would you recommend for a beginner to start with?

Additionally, how should I begin learning to set up my development environment and run my first program on it?

If you like Espressif’s boards, ESP32-C3 has a RISC-V core. That’s what Kuba Mracek showed in the Embedded Swift WWDC session. It should be fairly familiar coming from 8266, especially with the Arduino support.

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Thank you for your recommendation

@wick is the Raspberry Pi Pico, RP2040 supported?

Yes, check out GitHub - apple/swift-embedded-examples: A collection of example projects using Embedded Swift for some example projects to help you get started.


Thanks for your response I‘ll have a look. I saw also this nice project: GitHub - apple/swift-matter-examples: An Embedded Swift Matter application running on ESP32-C6

But it seems that only the ESP32 is supported. Or would it be possible to use the Raspberry pi Pico as well?

That example is only for Espressif chips since it uses their SDK to provide the Matter support. Albeit Swift supports 32 bit arm chips like the RP2040 I'm not sure there is a package for the RP2040 that supports Matter. Granted if you built the connected home ip project for it perhaps that might be a good start. But it is worth noting that there are hardware requirements like bluetooth, thread, and wifi that the RP2040 on its own does not provide.

Other boards that might be worthwhile to look at:


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@Philippe_Hausler Thanks for your detailed answer. So is it in general not a good idea for using a Raspberry Pi for Matter?

I only did a few google searches a while ago, but I couldn't find anything on getting Matter working on a RP2040, and in the docs of the Matter C++ SDK (connectedhomeip/docs/guides at master · project-chip/connectedhomeip · GitHub), there is no mention of RP2040 or Pico. So I'd say you would need to be prepared to do some pioneering work.

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Thanks for your reply. I saw that the regular Raspberry Pi like the Model 5 would work with Matter. But I think these Pi's are not compatible with Embedded Swift? Or can I use there regular Swift?

You can use any 64 bit Raspberry Pi and standard swift.

Using the community apt repo