Development open for Swift 5.0.1 for Linux

(Johannes Weiss) #1

Development open for Swift 5.0.1 for Linux

We are happy to announce the opening of the development phase for Swift 5.0.1 for Linux with a planned release by the end of April 2019. The process for the dot-releases remains the same as for Swift 4.2 which means that from now on, you can expect monthly bug fixes for Swift 5.0 for Linux in the same way we have done them before.


(Johannes Weiss) #2

As planned, the merge window has closed today. Already approved PRs that have outstanding CI runs will be merged (assuming they pass).

(Johannes Weiss) #3

Swift 5.0.1 has now been released:

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(Jimmy McDermott) #4

Is there a list of changes somewhere? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious

(Johannes Weiss) #5

Good point, let me look into this. For the Linux specific changes, check this list of PRs merged into corelibs-foundation in the relevant period of time.

(Jimmy McDermott) #6

That's good enough for me! Thanks :)