Swift 4.2.4

(Johannes Weiss) #1

Announcing Swift 4.2.4 for Linux

We are very happy to announce Swift 4.2.4 for Linux the March 2019 bug fix release as planned. The feedback from the community was incredible and we could land lots of improvements to Swift for Linux, as announced focussing on swift-corelibs-foundation. Below, you can find the list of changes to the Swift components.

Most importantly, let's all thank the contributors for spending the time backporting the fixes, this will make a big difference for the whole Swift on Linux ecosystem.

Enjoy the new binariesprovided on swift.org. The docker images are also on their way and should be available soon!

Because Swift 5.0 has now been released, we're starting to wind down the monthly 4.2 dot releases. For important bug fixes or obviously security issues we will continue to issue releases. You'll hear back from us when we'll be opening the merge window for the Swift 5 dot-releases for Linux.


  • SR-7195: JSONSerialization encodes Double differently on Darwin and Linux [#2024]
  • JSONSerialization: Improve parsing of numbers [#2023]
  • SR-8078: Some time zone identifiers are not supported by TimeZone on Linux [#1985]
  • Fix DateFormatter TimeZone Setter [#1982]
  • Fix DateFormatter behaviour for nil locale and timeZone. ([#1681]) [#1981]
  • SR-9685: Accessing NSNumber(value: 1.2 as Float).description crashes [#1978]
  • SR-7481: NumberFormatter inconsistency on Linux [#1975]
  • SR-1464: NSNumber.description is not compatible between OS X and linux [#1973]
  • Fix a bug in format localized number on s390x and ARM [#1972]
  • Fix PropertyListSerialization not doing a roundtrip of Data correctly. [#1958]
  • SR-1464: NSNumber.description is not compatible between OS X and linux [#1929]


  • Cherry picking ustat.h deprecation in glibc2.28 [#37]


  • support Clang 7.0+ (Ubuntu 18.10) [#23154]
Development open for Swift 5.0.1 for Linux