Beta release of swift-nio-http2

On behalf of the SwiftNIO team I'd like to announce the open-sourcing of swift-nio-http2, initial HTTP/2 support for swift-nio.

This package is an early beta at this stage. It is intended to help users of swift-nio get started on projects that require HTTP/2 support and to test both the API and some of the internals. We do not believe we will make substantial revisions to the API, but we will be reserving the right to break the API as needed through development, so we recommend pinning to a specific release number.

There are a number of limitations in the current release that may make it unsuitable for production workloads. The limitations are more clearly laid out in the README, but essentially: most error handling is in the form of crashes, performance will be poor, and a number of more specialised HTTP/2 features are not available. These features will be added in the coming releases, but we believed it was important to give early access to this feature set to the community to get appropriate feedback.

Please let us know if you hit any problems, and enjoy!


This is awesome, thanks Cory! :clap:

Now please get rid of the dependency :-)

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we will but it will take a bit of time :slight_smile:

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