SwiftNIO 1.8.0 released!

I'm delighted to announce that the SwiftNIO project has just released SwiftNIO version 1.8.0. This release contains 10 changes from 4 contributors. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed!

The full release is available on the GitHub releases page, but the release notes are reproduced below:

Semver Minor

  • Added new ByteBufferView type, exposing portions of a ByteBuffer as a Collection<UInt8>. Added ByteBuffer.readableBytesView and ByteBuffer.viewBytes(at:length:) to obtain ByteBufferView objects.
  • Renamed MultiThreadedEventLoopGroup.init(numThreads:) to MultiThreadedEventLoopGroup.init(numberOfThreads:). Deprecated the old name.
  • Made HTTPRequestDecoder.init(leftOverBytesStrategy:) and enum RemoveAfterUpgradeStrategy public, which allows users creating custom HTTP pipelines to ensure that removing HTTPRequestDecoder after an upgrade was attempted does not cause unexpected bytes delivery.

Semver Patch

  • Confirmed internal _UInt24 and _UInt56 structures to CustomStringConvertible.
  • Prevented crashes on macOS/iOS when under heavy load and remote peers close connections before we realise they connected.
  • Miscellaneous code cleanups and testing improvements.
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