Server APIs Status

Hi, I would like to know what is the status of the Server APIs. For what I am seeing in the GitHub repo the project seems to be in stand-by.

  • What is the project status?
  • Are HTTP and ServerSecurity libraries ever going to be distributed along with Swift?
  • There is any project using them under-the-hood?
  • What relation this project would have with SwiftNIO?

@tkremenek Could you give us some insight about this questions? Thank you :slight_smile:

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I'd also like to hear the responses to these questions from Swift project leadership.

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@aoberoi the most recent discussion I recall was in this interview with @tanner0101 a bit ago:

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What he is saying in the interview may be true for him, but certainly not for the working group ("I've seen a surprising amount of people thinking that the server-side Swift community or the Swift Server working group was somehow blind-sided by SwiftNIO. That couldn't be farther from the truth").

As a matter of fact the working group was blind sided by SwiftNIO. Which is perfectly fine, that is how Apple usually operates and the outcome is quite nice. But no one should suggest something different ;-)

I think it is fair to say that this working group is now dead and replaced by the NIO effort (which is IMO a good thing). Maybe it should really get removed from the website / GH (or replaced with a link to NIO). It should definitely get updated somehow. (@tkremenek @johannesweiss)


I was also under the assumption the rest of the working group was aware of NIO's development. Anyways; it's dead as a dodo and I think removing it from is a good idea.

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I think there's still room for a higher level HTTP library that could be shared by server-side Swift frameworks. Something like Go's HTTP module. NIO is great, but it still takes quite a bit of boilerplate to setup a simple HTTP server or make an HTTP request. I think the working group would be a great place to develop that.


That doesn't sound too bad. Want to make a proposal?

I genuinely wish I had some time to do that, maybe in a couple of months. FWIW, I would propose something that looks like


@tanner0101 Do you mind if I port my pull request to vapor's http project? I mean if you think it is helpful.

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