Where is the Package Resources draft proposal mentioned in WWDC19 session?

In the WWDC 19 Session 410, Creating Swift Packages, 30 minutes in, the speaker refers to a draft proposal titled 'Package Resources' which he says is a proposal for including resources in SPM packages.

Can anyone point me to where this document is located? I could not find it in the Swift Evolution repository or here in the forums.

I am no doubt looking in the wrong place or possibly the title has changed and I'm just searching for the wrong thing.

Thanks for any assistance.

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There a thread right near by :smiley:

Just a quick scan and you can find this:

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Since that thread hasn't had a new post for a year, it didn't occur to me it would contain something 'announced' at WWDC this year.

And I was searching the Apple evolution repository on GitHub, not Anders' fork.

Is there a way to pin Anders' post to the top of that thread in the forums?

If you ping in the thread it will be a the top. :smile: Jokes aside, I don't know if that would be possible. Bug you can bookmark posts for yourself.

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