Username change + related projects category add

Hi, sorry for disturbing, could anyone possibly help me out me with the below two issues? Can’t find the correct way to do this.

  1. Add a new subcategory for the Benchmark project in "Related projects" the description of the project can be:
Swift benchmark runner with many performance metrics and great CI support.

My understanding from (Introducing: Your Project) is that there'll be a placeholder post and I'll write up a proper About post which can be pinned.

  1. Could you please change my username from @Joakim_Hassila1 to @hassila to match my other accounts - would be much appreciated, the UI doesn't allow me unfortunately.

Many thanks in advance,


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I changed your username. @mishal_shah, can you handle the Related Projects category?

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New related project subcategory created: Benchmark - Swift Forums


Thanks you! :pray:

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