Introducing: Your Project

I'd like to make some friendly suggestions about how best to introduce your project here.

As Ted says in the About thread, this category is here as a service to Swift projects that want an established forum for project-specific discussion. By hosting discussion here on the main Swift forums, you make participating in your project more approachable for people who are already engaged in the Swift community, and of course you avoid a lot of the pain of hosting a forum yourself. But having discussions here is also a great way of introducing more people to your project: someone visiting these forums for a completely different reason might start exploring and find your project's topics in this category, or they might see your posts in the front page's recent activity list. So you should take a moment to think about how you want your project to look to people who stumble across your presence here.

With that said, remember that this isn't a replacement for your main project page. You don't need to repeat a bunch of technical details that someone who's already interested can (hopefully!) easily find on your project website. Your goals are to (1) make sure that people know what your project is and (2) try to get them interested in using it, and ideally in participating in your community. To that end:

  • Make sure that your subcategory box (the thing shown at the top when you click on the Related Projects category) includes a brief description of your project. 10 words at most. I think you have to talk to an admin about this.

  • The admins will have created a placeholder thread in your subcategory with a link to your project. Make a new topic in your subcategory with a title like "About <Project Name>" that describes the project in more detail (but remember to still link to your project!); let an admin know, and we can pin that and throw away the placeholder topic.

  • In your About thread, talk a little bit about the project. Try to be substantive enough that it looks like you've put some thought into it. I would suggest at least a hundred words — but make them meaningful, don't just try to meet a quota. Here are some things to consider covering, but feel free to skip anything:

    • What's the status of the project? Is it still a prototype, or is it ready to be used? Are you currently planning more work on it, or do you consider it functionally complete and it just needs to be kept working?

    • Is there anything tangible you want to say for the benefit of people who might be concerned about the project's longevity? Does it have a corporate sponsor or a significant user base? (It's okay if the answer is "no"!)

    • What are your priorities as a project? The convenience of getting started as a user? Flexibility when integrating into an existing system? Fine-grained control of behavior? Dynamic performance?

    • What are you looking for from the community? Is there something specific you're working on that you need help with, or that you'd like more input on? Are you looking for ideas about what to do next? Are there things you'd like from other projects, or from the core language?