Two questions — naming and matrices

I have the following two questions I would like to ask.

Question 1: some keyword (SE-0244)

My first question is about the some keyword. Note this might be related my lack of understanding of the English language. (I am not a native speaker.) For example, take some View which is commonly seen in SwiftUI. When I hear “give me some View”, does it imply that the View must be always the same type? It does not to me. And so I became curious why this is not spelled as same View or sametype View instead. I would appreciate if someone could explain this to me.

Question 2: SIMD Vectors (SE-0229)

My second question is about matrices. The other day, I found myself in a need to calculate the determinant of a matrix. I thought that Swift now provides a nice set of hardware accelerated APIs for both vector and matrix arithmetics. However, I quickly discovered that SE-0229 does not talk about matrices at all. It also contains no Future Directions section to clarify what is next. Is matrix arithmetics coming to the standard library or is it considered out of scope?

Thank you!

IMO, rather than English implying, it's more like Swift's type system implying. Since it's a return of a function, I could expect it to always be the same type. If it wants to return any View, it'd use type-erase with an aptly AnyView.