The 2022 Swift Mentorship Program

The Swift Mentorship Program is back for 2022! Interest surveys for the 12-week mentorship cohort will open up on June 1st. When the 12-week mentorship ends in September, we’re also opening up short-term mentorship year round for folks who are interested in receiving guidance on smaller contributions, such as starter bugs.

You can read more about the Swift Mentorship Program, the 2022 timeline, and instructions for how to apply at If you’re thinking about applying and would like to learn about the experiences from some of last year’s mentees, you can read about insights from @anhp, @davidReyes, and @amritpan in this blog post by @devanshimodha:


very excited to work with mentors.


The Swift Mentorship Program interest survey is open! - Swift Mentorship Program Interest Survey


I'm really excited about this! I've kinda missed the deadline to apply to be a mentee last year and it's great, that the program is back!

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Should I receive some confirmation after I've filled the survey?

There was a confirmation page at the end of the survey to show all of your responses, but otherwise no, the survey is not set up to send a confirmation email. That's certainly something we can add next time if that would be helpful!

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Where will the pairs be announced? :smile:

We're still in the process of matching, and we're reaching out to a few more potential mentors to see if we can match a few more folks. To give us a little more time to gather possible mentors, we're pushing out the timeline by a week.

I've updated the 2022 timeline on here: [Mentorship] Update the 2022 timeline. by hborla · Pull Request #93 · apple/swift-org-website · GitHub

We apologize for the delay, and appreciate your patience! We're looking forward to getting these matches finalized :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoops, I misread your question as "when" instead of "where"! If you submitted the mentorship interest survey, you will receive an email (on July 4th) to let you know whether or not you were matched / who you were matched with.


Are the pairings still expected to be announced/emailed today? Or are announcements coming tomorrow with the holiday?


We've finished emailing everybody who we were able to match for the 12-week summer cohort. We will also email everybody who we were not able to match - you can expect that email today or tomorrow. (Sorry about that, I should've thought about the US holiday when I updated the schedule last week :slightly_smiling_face:)

We are putting together some guidance for pursuing open source contributions on your own for the folks who we weren't able to match, but are still excited to contribute. We will also be re-opening the interest surveys after the 12 weeks are over for those who are interested in short-term mentorship for starter bug/first issue contributions!


Looks like I didn't get a pair :cry:

Same. Did you at least get an email saying you didn't get a match?

I have not sent the email yet.

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no, i didn't get email yet

Just received the email. Thanks a lot @hborla and for the resources and the well explained process of how we can still help. Also thanks to the Diversity Team to offering this opportunity.


Hate to be itchy and bug y'all, but I'm assuming I didn't get paired. I've not gotten any emails and I'm starting to doubt that I finished filling out the interest form. I thought I did, but now I'm doubting myself. Is there any way to verify we filled out the interest form or are the emails trickling out?

If anyone didn't receive an email, please reach out to me over DM! I can check whether there's a recorded response, and if there's not or your email was incorrect, I'm happy to send the email separately.

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