SwiftPM with Git LFS

Are there any known issues with using Git LFS with SwiftPM in Xcode? I did some testing and found the following:

  1. I first tried tracking a very small file in a Swift Package via Git LFS. Xcode successfully adds this package as a dependency in a new Xcode project. However, the actual file isn't downloaded / included. When I clone the repo via the command line, the file is downloaded correctly. I created a test repo with a very small file tracked via Git LFS: https://github.com/jml5qh/swiftpm-lfs.

  2. I also tried tracking a very large file in a Swift Package via Git LFS. I am unable to add this package as a dependency in another Xcode project and get this error:

Error downloading object: Sources/SwiftPM-LFS/GStreamer (b857590): Smudge error: Error downloading Sources/SwiftPM-LFS/GStreamer (b8575902c6de4d8b4d7bd6dbf9a5b7c91af57a2e3770d1a9074860aea985f87e): error transferring "b8575902c6de4d8b4d7bd6dbf9a5b7c91af57a2e3770d1a9074860aea985f87e": [0] remote missing object b8575902c6de4d8b4d7bd6dbf9a5b7c91af57a2e3770d1a9074860aea985f87e

I'm able to clone this repo / checkout the branch via the command line. If you want to reproduce, you can use the lfs-big branch in https://github.com/jml5qh/swiftpm-lfs.


This might help:

Since Xcode uses its own tools to handle swifft packages, git-lfs might not be picked up if it is installed via Homebrew. Run the following command to create a symbolic link if Xcode fails to fetch the package:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/git-lfs $(xcode-select -p)/usr/bin/git-lfs

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Thanks for sharing this repo! Unfortunately, still running into the same issue. I can add the package to Xcode, but the actual asset tracked with git lfs isn't downloaded. For FluentDarkModeKit, it doesn't actually matter since the png tracked by git lfs is just for the README and isn't used in the real package.

Hello @jml5qh

So, I came across the same issue and it's partially solved on my side.

1- The first thing to do, is to make sure Xcode's git has access to git-lfs. Which, on a local machine require the symlink command unless you specified which git to use...somehow I couldn't find that option in Xcode anymore, I always used Xcode's git anyways. So I needed the symlink.

2- It seemed to work for a while, I had the impression Xcode's Swift Package Manager was pulling git-lfs files normally until I faced your issue when I tried manually in the DerivedData checkouts directory, to perform git lfs pull. And in fact, the issue seemed to be authentication with the lfs server. I updated my git repo to add a .lfsconfig files that adds the url and then git lfs pull worked properly.

3- In the end, doing so manually afterwards allowed me to work with the Swift Package properly in Xcode.

So now I am trying to figure out how to have that done automatically when SPM clones the said package. Or at last I'll try to get a script-step that knows where to perform the git-lfs pull on my CI

Note: I'm far from a git / SwiftPM expert so I may have some of these items incorrect, but I think I figured out the issue.

It looks like SwiftPM uses a local mirror when cloning / checking out the git repo. So there will be a mirror in DerivedData/[Project]/SourcePackages/repositories. When resolving a branch / tag, SwiftPM will checkout from that local mirror into DerivedData/[Project]/SourcePackages/checkouts which is where the actual package files are stored. However, that local mirror doesn't actually have the lfs objects (sounds like this is expected when working with mirrors). This means git isn't able to resolve the files from git lfs in your checkout directory. It does look like there is a possible solution - SwiftPM could call git lfs fetch --all origin [revision] which will grab / store the lfs files into the repositories folder (info taken from https://github.com/git-lfs/git-lfs/issues/1338)

@jml5qh did you get anywhere with this or still experiencing the same problem?

I wish! I uploaded a sample project and potential solution here, in a Feedback, and on the SwiftPM slack but have not received a response.


I am getting this error after SPM is added - The operation couldn’t be completed. (XCBUtil.BinaryReaderError error 2.)
No other explanation or message is given. I had created another forum - SwiftPM with Git LFS
This is the spm link - GitHub - abhisheksaralaya/CCProCalls

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