SwiftPM with Git LFS

Unfortunately this workaround isn't viable for repos whose normal development depends on LFS files unless they are willing to disrupt the workflows of any devs and CI scripts using the repo.

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It's been 3 years.
Apple's default git used to not ship with LFS out of the box, but this is no longer true.
Is this something that is ever intended to be fixed?

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I'm currently using Xcode 15.0.1, and I've noticed that the default bin directory in Xcode doesn't include git-lfs. It seems I still need to create a symbolic link for it. Which version of Xcode are you using that comes with git-lfs included?

Looks like I pulled a stupid.

benn@PopTart ~ % which git-lfs

I must have installed it and forgot. :-|

Apologies for the unintentional deception. I had re-checked for git LFS after an xcode update and saw that it existed without checking the source.

I was so hopeful that SPM support for git LFS might be coming...

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