Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: April 9, 2024



Community Section

The design for the community section is finished. The next step in terms of design is showing the design to the Core Team.

Before doing this and moving forward with this section, the workgroup needs to develop guidelines and criteria for the events that will appear in this section.

Blog Posts

@cthielen reviewed a number of blog posts in progress. Similar to community event guidelines, the need for more detailed guidelines for community blog posts was discussed.

  • :a: @cthielen will draft more detailed guidelines for community blog posts

Workgroup Meeting Notes

@parispittman brought up the topic of meeting notes, not just for the website workgroup, but workgroups in the Swift community in general.

All were in agreement that the website workgroup needed to improve the process of taking meeting notes and making them public.

@parispittman suggested using hackmd to collaboratively take notes to improve the process. The workgroup agreed to try that approach.

@James_Dempsey suggested a standing agenda item to review any unpublished meeting notes.

Workgroup Governance

The conversation moved from meeting notes to workgroup governance in general. @parispittman noted that different workgroups have different policies, for example public vs private workgroup meetings.

The consensus was that private workgroup meetings with public notes and public proposals for larger initiatives was a good balance, but that we need to improve the consistency with meeting notes.

@mishal_shah suggested possibly making part of some meetings or each meeting public. @James_Dempsey suggested possibly having a regular open meeting that was outside of the workgroup schedule.

Packages Page

@daveverwer created the database/persistence page. Because the sections are based on keyword searches in SPI, the 'database' tag search includes two packages already in the server section and the 'persistence' keyword brings in some incorrect packages.

There was discussion about which set of categories should be used and what criteria should we use to choose how to make changes beyond the existing initial set.