Swift Website Workgroup Meeting Notes - 11th October 2022



  • New time - switched week, will see how that goes

New Content

  • @Paul_Hudson has worked on some new content with a new ‘McDonald’s’ like design focusing on easy entry points
  • Good feedback overall, fits in with our aims and initial designs
  • Discussion about how to link to community content
  • @tomerd mentioned that we need to try and work out how to cater to different users of Swift - newcomers, experienced users and contributors
  • Need to be careful that we don’t try and solve all of the problem with Swift and get stuck and not make any changes to the site
  • Should we just split out contributing to it’s own section
  • Will take the design and try and integrate it
  • Will arrange a short meeting next week to discuss the initial integration
  • We should look at integrating other community efforts like the work groups and mentorship program
  • Continue to explore how we can add Apple platforms on the site
  • @mishal_shah working on getting the branch deployed

Evolution Dashboard

  • PR open to add it to the site is up
  • @Paul_Hudson mentioned it would be good to try and structure it by Swift version
  • @tomerd suggests we migrate incrementally
  • @mishal_shah have moved the JSON file has moved to a consistent place, PR will need updating

New Items:


I really love to see the evolution dashboard being integrated into swift.org. It is such a useful resource and right now rather hard to find.

On a similar note, right now there is some work going on to move the language guide over to Docc. Has there been any discussion about doing the same for the evolution proposals? Maybe this provides contributors a way to write richer proposals.