Swift-log is open

After the SSWG accepted this proposal to the 'sandbox' stage, we finally followed through and opened the repository :slight_smile:. So we can now officially kick off the open-source swift-log project!

The swift-log repository got seeded from the pitch/proposal repository which was under my personal github alongside a few changes:

  • adoption of the log levels as discussed in the separate thread
  • name: swift-log
  • proper licensing (Apache 2, as proposed)
  • rename the Logging type to LoggingSystem so we don't have a clash between the module name (Logging) and the type to bootstrap your loggers
  • added a readme and some API docs
  • removed the proposal/examples
  • just like proposed for osLog, to leverage the best performance and have more unification we switched the log messages' type from String to Logger.Message which is a struct that can be created using any string literal + string interpolation. Don't worry, it looks & feels just like a String (logger.info("hello world"))
  • require Swift 5 (required for the new string interpolation support)
  • a bunch of smaller changes

Thank you so much for all the contributions! Now more than ever: please keep your awesome contributions coming, this is only the start of swift-log and swift-log is only the start of a logging that works across the whole ecosystem.



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Awesome! :tada:
Really looking forward to see various LogHandlers get implemented now by various people :slight_smile:

That's where the real fun's at!


This API and the whole approach is just mind-blowing. Thank you very much for building such library.