February 7th, 2019


(Tanner) #1


Logging Proposal

The proposal for a Logging API to enter Sandbox level was voted on today and passed unanimously. This API is entering the Sandbox stage as it's likely to undergo breaking changes once feedback is gathered from real world usage. Breaking changes include not only source breaking changes, but also changes to things like enum raw values, etc.


The proposal for a Metrics API to enter Sandbox stage will be the next to receive a vote. The third party reviewer of this proposal will be @tanner0101.

New Proposals

After metrics, a proposal for the Postgres pitch is expected. After Postgres, proposals for Redis and APNS can follow.

New Pitches

@lukasa is expected to submit a pitch for crypto in the near future.

Swift-log is open
[Feedback] Server Logging API (with revisions)