Swift 6.0 Nightly Development Snapshots!

Swift 6.0 nightly development snapshots now available on swift.org


Are they supposed to work in XCode playground? I get an

error: Couldn't lookup symbols:

Xcode 15.3
Mac OS 14.4 (23E214)

I can’t say whether they're supposed to work, but as far as I know Xcode playgrounds have never worked with custom toolchains, so this is to be expected.

(Edit: added 'never'; I had forgotten this very important word.)


This is a very important clarification)) Thanks for editing the message. Is there an information somewhere about toolchains support? I mean in what IDEs they can be used and what are the limitations.

I've searched the forum but found not so much useful information: Open-source toolchains for Playgrounds (iOS, Xcode 8) - #3 by Karl

New project with single view application also fails to compile in SwiftUI preview and via build command.

I'm a bit confused as there are settings in XCode>Toolchains menu where Swift 6 toolchain can be selected which hints it should be supported.
Previously I've only used toolchains from different XCode versions and they worked as expected.

Toolchain snapshots should work with Xcode Playgrounds, but there have been some problems at times. Would you mind filing an issue or feedback, specifying your configuration?

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It looks like there haven't been any new 6.0 or main nightly builds available since May 14/15th. Are there any new builds coming soon?

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New nightly was just released on swift.org.


Thank you! Any ETA for a new trunk/main build? Is the Embedded and WebAssembly functionality the same in 6.0 and main?

I'm still seeing this same error downloading the symbols package. Any ideas what that means?