Open-source toolchains for Playgrounds (iOS, Xcode 8)

I’m not sure that’s the reason:

- Only Playgrounds are restricted, not Apps. You can still use OSS toolchains to build apps, like you always could.
- You can only submit to the AppStore from the latest stable Xcode (7.3, isn’t it?)
- You can also deploy apps by manually building & installing with Xcode, Ad-Hoc or Enterprise deployment. AppStore is the most widely available way to distribute, but there are other ways.

I always assumed that the reason we couldn’t use OSS toolchains in Playgrounds before was because of API changes in the hooks between Xcode and Swift/SourceKit/whatever is responsible for Playgrounds. Seems strange that we can muck around with a Swift nightly and AppKit APIs, but not the (to many people) more familiar UIKit APIs.



On 14 Jun 2016, at 02:49, Shawn Erickson <> wrote:

Those later platforms are "curated", you can only deploy apps via the App Store. It seems likely to ensure the policies and security model associated with that curation only Apple signed toolchains can be used for deployment.

On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 5:41 PM Karl via swift-dev < <>> wrote:
Wow, Xcode 8 looks like a really great release. Very impressed by the memory debugger, but it seems to have lots of really nice improvements all-around.

According to the release notes (Unauthorized - Apple Developer), we can now use OSS toolchains for Playgrounds on OSX, but not with other platforms.

Is that a temporary limitation, or an intentional Apple policy decision?

> • Xcode playgrounds which target macOS now support running with open-source Swift toolchains from Playgrounds which target iOS or tvOS require the Xcode 8.0 toolchain. (23287417, 26704661)


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