SSWG - June 21st, 2023


@adam-fowler, @tomerd, @davmoser , @franzbusch, @graskind , @jdmcd , @Joannis_Orlandos , @patrick , @tachyonics , @0xTim

Action Points

  • All : review CodeQL project in preparation for a discussion in the next meeting around how the SSWG can assist
  • @tomerd Add meeting next Wed to review all incubation projects and discuss any status changes
  • @franzbusch: Setup forum post to discuss core team meeting
  • @franzbusch: Write response to DiscordBM pitch
  • @tomerd: bring swift 6 timeline up in core team meeting
  • @franzbusch, @tachyonics, @adam-fowler: Write swift evolution style proposal for common HTTP server.
  • @franzbusch, @tomerd push NIOResumableUpload make sure code is published, currently planned to be in NIOExtras
  • @franzbusch, @tomerd chase up core team for solution to enableUpcomingFeature("StrictConcurrency")
  • @franzbusch chase up Sendable conformance in swift-corelibs-foundation. Everyone else to provide types they need this done for.

Carry over

  • @graskind finish updating swift evolution for property wrappers in protocols
  • @0xTim to investigate slim containers based on Canonical's work - Now unblocked
  • @patrick to get the final swiftly v0.1.0 stuff ready
  • @tomerd to organize core team link up based around the 2023 goals
  • @franzbusch to talk to package index if we could get category to highlight server projects


  • WebURL
    @franzbusch : appreciate all the work, suggest adding these changes to new swift-foundation (in a non-API/ABI breaking manner)

  • Swift 6 timelines
    @0xTim: Hard to plan deadlines on large projects when a breaking version of Swift will be appearing at some indeterminate point in the future.
    @tomerd: Recognises the problem and will discuss with core team

  • NIO async bridges
    @FranzBusch: Support for all bootstraps done
    H2 work is landing (more complex than expected)
    All pieces should be in place in next month
    Transport services bootstraps not done

  • HTTP server
    Next step should be collect requirements, and produce API draft

  • Middleware
    Created repository, but no commit yet
    It should be good to commit now, no blocker

  • Strict Concurrency (Upcoming feature)
    @graskind: Need flag that only affects library and not users of library
    @tomerd: Core team have concerns about using upcoming feature to flag, Need a solution though.

  • Debian support
    @graskind: Why do we not support Debian given it is so similar to Ubuntu?
    @tomerd: Not huge case for Debian, we have Ubuntu. Try to limit to critical distributions. As more distributions create more work.
    @tomerd: Real solution is to trim down system dependencies, would require some major changes to toolchain.

  • Dependabot
    @0xTim: It is running, have any comments, forward to Tim