SSWG - July 5th, 2023


@tomerd @ktoso @0xTim @davmoser @Joannis_Orlandos @graskind

Action Points:

  • @0xTim fixes the Slack reminder for the SSWG Agenda
  • All: Read over the Incubation Review if you haven't already
  • @0xTim Github CodeQL forum post
  • @graskind build github action for generating the dependency graph, to be used by CodeQL
  • @davmoser write a forum post on AWS SAM templates (posted )
  • @ktoso shares the survey as PDF with @tomerd , who shares it with the core team

Carry Over:

  • @franzbusch: Write response to DiscordBM pitch
  • @tomerd bring swift 6 timeline up in core team meeting
  • @franzbusch, @tachyonics, @adam-fowler: Write swift evolution style proposal for common HTTP server.
  • @franzbusch, @tomerd push NIOResumableUpload make sure code is published, currently planned to be in NIOExtras
  • @FranzBusch chase up Sendable conformance in swift-corelibs-foundation. Everyone else to provide types they need this done for.
  • @patrick to get the final swiftly v0.1.0 stuff ready
  • @tomerd to organize core team link up based around the 2023 goals
  • @franzbusch to talk to package index if we could get category to highlight server projects


  • Tim doesn't see any problems including frameworks as part of the incubation process. All pitched at the same time
  • CodeQL seems to work with Swift 5.8 on Linux with SPM
  • Solution to enableUpcomingFeature("StrictConcurrency") was merged
  • Sendable conformance in swift-corelibs-foundation has a PR already
  • Chiseled Swift Containers. Basic example and Forum Post
  • Swift is looking into supporting MUSL
  • Dependabot only works when there's a resolved file, as that contains the dependency graph
    • Github only plans to support repositories with a resolved file
    • There is an API that can be interacted with, that can then generate a graph from Swift, for dependabot
  • AWS SAM templates for Swift are available
  • Konrad imported the survey into the survey tool, was reviewed by various SSWG members
  • Swift Lambda runtime helpers library is in the works to be opensourced