SQL Server Driver


(Nathan Harris) #1

As part of the Server work group, new focus thread, the following was mentioned:

However, I know that since at least May of 2018 - someone has been asking for Vapor to support Microsoft's SQL Server.

I was wondering how many people feel this is a priority over any of the ones listed above - given that there's been some questioning of how to increase the adoption of Swift, with discussion moving towards Windows support as a vector for that.

As SQL Server is used largely in enterprise environments, that might affect opinions on the priority of this library.

(Svein Halvor Halvorsen) #2

For me, postgres is the most important of the ones listed.

(Nathan Harris) #3

I worded my intention incorrectly: What are people's thoughts on the priority of this library?
Just as high (meaning it joins the list) or lower.

Postgres has already been identified as coming up first among the database drivers.

(Petro Rovenskyy) #4

@Mordil, very excited to see this thread. As you pointed - "SQL Server is used largely in enterprise environments" and currently there is no way to start experiments with Vapor/ Kitura to proof value/benefits for a business/engineers. IMHO support of Microsoft's SQL Server is very important for server-side Swift. I don't know much about driver development but would love to learn or help with by following the process of development.

(Marco Fattorel) #5

Im probably gonna create a simple net core CRUD service to interact with a Microsoft SQL server for an application I’m developing right now with Vapor, a native support for it would definitely be better. In my experience is common to interact with mssql either for legacy data or project management software interaction. I don’t mind to use Postgres or MySQL or whatever when I can choose, but more often than not I need to also interact with mssql so that would definitely have an higher priority for me.

(Rich Gabrielli) #6

I am all for SQL Server. Since it is so widely used in the enterprise, Vapor support would open up a tremendous amount of opportunity.