SQL Server Driver

Any progress on this? I would love to test it out

CC @ajedwards who made fantastic progress there recently.

With plenty of help from @johannesweiss, I’ve made some good progress and have a successful PRELOGIN handshake completing. While it may not sound like a lot, the way the TDS protocol wraps an SSL handshake is pretty tricky to handle. My progress has been slowed a bunch due to the day job and holidays, but will pick up here soon and hopefully I will have more to share and something for others to test soon.


@ajedwards I'm probably needing a driver like yours in a month or two and I'm willing to put my back underneath this one to get TDS working. Is your source code public and/or are you willing to collaborate?


@Joannis_Orlandos currently my repo is private, but yes I would be interested in collaborating. I'd be happy to discuss my goals for the project and get an idea of how we could collaborate. I am on the Vapor discord server and will probably reach out to you there for more detailed discussion.


There has been some decent progress made and while the repo doesn’t have a roadmap/progress indicator of any kind yet, I plan on getting something up soon. Thanks to @Joannis_Orlandos and @johannesweiss for contributions so far.


As an update, the latest status of the protocol implementation can be tracked here:

There is a simple test/example in the repo showing raw SQL Batch executions (creating a database, creating a table, seeding the table, and reading from the table).

While I haven't been particularly active on the implementation in the last few weeks (given the current pandemic and its effect on my daily schedule), I hope to continue the progress soon and move things closer to a "complete" implementation of the protocol!


looking forward!

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