Question about SwiftPM: Improve command line status reporting GSOC2018

HI, I am Aniket Sharma, Current Pursuing my Btech in India, I will like to contribute to SwiftPM: Improve command line status reporting, How can i get started?

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I’m not sure what you’re exactly asking (and I’m also pretty new here), but I would say take your pick:"Package%20Manager"%20AND%20assignee%20in%20(EMPTY)

Some likely candidates to get started would seem:

thanks @alper will look into them 🤩

Hey Aniket,

This post might help you in getting started with SwiftPM:

If you have specific questions about the command line status project idea, feel free to ask!

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hey @Aciid, I submitted a draft Proposal for the same Can you please review it and help me in improving it :smiley: .

Yes, of course! I’ll take a look soon.

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@Aciid thank you :blush:

hey @Aciid , submission date is quite near is there anything you will suggest me to improve in my proposal before final submission.