First time to the new forum! I am a WWDC Student Scholar and a student looking forward to contribute and participate in GSOC'18 under Swift

Hello Everyone!

I am so thankful to everyone for getting Swift to GSOC'18. I am an Apple Student scholar and my name is Aviral. I am a Student from Delhi University and is pursuing Masters in Computer Science. I remember meeting someone from the community at DUB DUB'17 and discussed getting Swift under GSOC and its finally here. I know I am being an opportunist here but I am seriously looking forward to get guidance and next steps so that I can contribute to Swift Project and frame a proposal so that I can participate in GSOC'18 under Swift.

Thank you. Looking forward to the next steps.


Welcome, Aviral! We'd love to have you contribute to Swift under GSOC!

Any ideas for where you'd particularly like to focus?

To be honest I am using Swift from 1.0 and I used cocoapods and all so I am kinda interested in Swift Package manager but I dont have great details and knowledge about the internal functioning of it. Other project I want to try is Swift- format tool.

I still have a long way to go and learn. I still count myself as a naive and would love to understand where should I focus first and what should I keep in mind.

Can we move this off of evolution and into using Swift or development?


moved to Development and Package manager.

Hi Aviral!

I am happy to answer any SwiftPM related question you have. We have a few SwiftPM proposal ideas on the "Project Ideas" page. You can also submit a proposal with your own idea!

A good way to start would be to familiarize yourself with SwiftPM. We have a beginner guide here and a detailed guide here. There is also more documentation in the SwiftPM repository. If you would like to explore the code, we have some starter bugs in Swift's bug tracker.

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Awesome! Thank you @Aciid
I will take sometime in the starting but I hope to get better. Looking forward to work with you.

Hi! I'm also looking to participate in GSoC this year with Swift! I was taking a look at some of the starter bugs and came across SR-6978. @Aciid, would it be ok to assign this to myself and start trying to work on it? I really want to familiarize myself with the codebase before I start writing up a proposal.



Hey @Vercantez,

You should definitely feel free to take any unassigned bug. You can also comment on a bug if you have any questions or need further clarification. SR-6978 sounds like a very good starter bug.

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Greetings everyone !

I would humbly like to contribute and learn the swift platform.Its basically dream come true as swift being in GSOC 2018,I am a student from Third Year,Computer Science Domain and tastes all flavors of developer choices ,a learner who is read to learn new platforms n feel the adventures of code ,basically follows three rules Commitment ,Adaptability and Perfection.

Thank You

Hi @Aciid! I`m a swift ios developer from Kazakhstan! I'm actually interested in two projects from GSoC idea lists:

  • Swift compiler integration with external tools -> easy
  • SwiftPM: Improve command line status reporting. -> medium

I'd like to know what is the entry point for projects from swift's perspective? Should I be an expert or mid-level is sufficient if a person will work hard? Thanks!