Problems with SPM Binary Distribution

I'm having trouble distributing a xcframework binary via Swift Package Manager.

I'm trying to adapt this library for SPM. I've been able to build an xcframework that works great if you download it and manually add it to your project.

However, when I distribute the same file using SPM, I'm encountering errors.

First, it was crashing at launch saying "dyld: Library not loaded" and "Reason: image not found".

Now I can't even get that far and it's not able to install. Seems like it's not signing it correctly. It says "Unable to install" and then when I hit details it tells me:

Unable to install "mailcoreTest"
Code: -402620388
No code signature found.

If you want to take a look you can download a zipped xcarchive here.

And here's my fork if you want to take a look at the Package.swift or try the Swift Package.

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Xcode 12.0 had a regression from the Xcode 12 betas handling binary xcframeworks containing static frameworks.

More details, discussion, and workarounds at SwiftPM binaryTarget dependency and code signing and

Thanks both of you for the help. I was pretty convinced I had misconfigured something, so I didn't actually consider that it was a known issue with Xcode.

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