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Hello, dear fellow, I'm just desperate. I'd like to get into programming app and try that with Xcode and the Playground files given in the book "Everyone Can Program". I first downloaded it all yesterday, so it should be the latest version.
However, either my calculator is too old or I have otherwise done something wrong: It is a MacBook late 2009 with a 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 120 GB solid-state SATA hard drive, has high-sierra on it and 8GB of RAM , Nevertheless, I can only try 1-2 lines of code, then makes the whole computer nothing more. It then only remains off with the power button and restart. Is there a way that the system works better? Is it on the computer or can I optimize something in the programs? I also bought the device only since yesterday needed ...

Can you talk about what you're working on? Are you using XCode? Are you planning on doing iOS work, or just writing Swift code?

This is not a Swift problem per se, but an issue with XCode.

First of all, I want to get to grips with the matter by completing the exercises. Later, an iPhone app will actually be released.

Hello, I have now installed Xcode 7.3 and now it is running. To continue learning, I downloaded the files from the "Everyone Can Program" book for Xcode 8. This also works with each other, but I get the error message every second: "The document “13-ÜbungMorgen.xcplaygroundpage” could not be saved. The file has been changed by another application.

Click Save Anyway to keep your changes and save the changes made by the other application as a version, or click Revert to keep the changes from the other application and save your changes as a version. You can also click Save As to save your changes to a different file."
Can you turn it off somewhere?
Thank you for help!

If you're planning to submit your apps to the App Store:

Starting March 2019, all new apps and app updates for iPhone, including universal apps, will need to be built with the iOS 12 SDK and support iPhone XS Max.

This will require Xcode 10, which currently supports macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra. But if the release schedule is the same as previous years, Xcode 10.3 in March 2019 will probably need macOS 10.14 Mojave, which only supports hardware from 2012 or later.

I'd suggest installing Xcode 10 now anyway. If you rename your installed Xcode 7.3, it can co-exist with the latest Xcode on the Mac App Store, which might have bug fixes for playgrounds. It will also allow you to try a newer version of Swift.

  • Xcode 7.3 has Swift 2.2
  • Xcode 8 (for your book) has Swift 3
  • Xcode 10 has Swift 4.2 (with compatibility modes for Swift 3 and 4)

P.S. Please don't post multiple versions of the same question on these forums.

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In your other thread you wrote:

I have now installed Xcode 7.3 and now it is running. To continue
learning, I downloaded the files from the "Everyone Can Program" book
for Xcode 8.

Swift changed quite a bit between Xcode 7 and Xcode 8. Trying to use an Xcode 8 playground with Xcode 7 is unlikely to end well.

Operating system High Sierra

If you’re on 10.13, you can run Xcode 8. If you’re deep into the Xcode 8 tutorial, it would make more sense to do that using Xcode 8 rather than Xcode 7.

On the other hand, 10.13.x can also run Xcode 9 and 10, so it might make sense to use a more modern tutorial.

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