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Hello, I have now installed Xcode 7.3 and now it is running. To continue learning, I downloaded the files from the "Everyone Can Program" book for Xcode 8. This also works with each other, but I get the error message every second:
The document “13-ÜbungMorgen.xcplaygroundpage” could not be saved. The file has been changed by another application.

Click Save Anyway to keep your changes and save the changes made by the other application as a version, or click Revert to keep the changes from the other application and save your changes as a version. You can also click Save As to save your changes to a different file."
Can you turn it off somewhere?
Operating system High Sierra, MacBook 6.1.
Many thanks in advance for your help!! Thats the way, I tried, but it dont works...

Minimum System Requirements for Swift
Minimum System Requirements for Swift
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I’m going to respond on your other thread.

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