Migrate SwiftAWSLambdaRuntime to other platforms

Hello everyone from the Swift community and SSWG! I’m now working on migrating SwiftAWSLambdaRuntime to other FaaS platforms, which means modifying a fork of the original SwiftAWSLamdbaRuntime project and creating a new project. What are the things I need to pay extra attention to? eg. copyright, upstream, contribution guideline, community, etc.


So long as you maintain the terms of the original license, I don't believe any other requirement is placed upon you. The joy of open source software!


The repository contains a CONTRIBUTING.md ...

I've been looking at the Scaleway serverless offering (https://www.scaleway.com/en/docs/scaleway-elements-serverless-managing-functions/), they just do regular Docker containers for (custom) functions runtimes.

What FaaS platforms do you have in mind?

As a developer from China, I’m going to choose Tencent Cloud. They chose a similar API to the AWS’ with CentOS 7, and I’m actively participating the alpha test now. Everything except the deployment tools is ready so far.

Hi @stevapple

I think supporting more platforms is great, but this library is obviously focused on AWS

Can you elaborate on that point. Is the runtime API compatible and its just that they use CentOS or is the runtime API different?

Of course that’s a different one. So I made lots of patches to SwiftAWSLambdaRuntime, and finally gets this SwiftTencentSCFRuntime. The Events module is almost completely rewritten and the Core and MockServer modules are finely tuned for SCF Custom Runtime API.

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