Introducing another Serverless Swift runtime project!

Hello everybody from the Swift community!

Serverless is a great practice for most developers building web services, and Swift has proved to have outstanding performance in this field. Thanks to the openness of Swift and SwiftAWSLambdaRuntime, I’ve managed to migrate it onto another cloud platform — Tencent Cloud SCF — in the past month (formerly discussed in this topic).

With release v0.2.2, SwiftTencentSCFRuntime has passed all the tests with Tencent Cloud SCF. Although it cannot prove API stability until 1.0, now you can already use it in production! Everyone is welcome to try it out, and Tencent Cloud provides 400,000 GB·s compute time and 1 million requests for free every month. They have data centers in places like silicon valley, Toronto and Frankfurt, so developers from not only Asia Pacific but anywhere else in the world can give it a try.

This package has a very similar API to SwiftAWSLambdaRuntime, and some of the structures are also the same. I also hope that contributors of SwiftAWSLambdaRuntime can also contribute to SwiftTencentSCFRuntime, since they are now independent projects. Anyone who had used SwiftAWSLambdaRuntime before will get to love SwiftTencentSCFRuntime.

Looking forward to issues, PRs and stars! If you have any question, just reply to this thread and I’ll response ASAP.


Because the official Swift Docker image for CentOS 7 is broken (due to low git version), I build some new images on top of CentOS 7.6 for Swift SCF development. You can try them by:

docker pull stevapple/swift-scf:nightly
docker pull stevapple/swift-scf:nightly-5.3
docker pull stevapple/swift-scf:5.2.5

I described the managed version of Apache OpenWhisk project with Swift in details in the Serverless Swift book by Apress . Let me know if it is of any use for you.

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