May 31st, 2022 Special Update

We are happy to announce the following changes to the SSWG:

Dave Moser (@davmoser) from Amazon will be taking over Todd Varland (@varland) seat. Dave is part of the solution architecture team driving Swift on AWS, and has been involved with the Swift on Server efforts for the last couple of years. Last year, Dave published an interesting demonstration of using Swift in a CarPlay application connected to a Swift server running on AWS. Todd is changing roles at Amazon, and will focus on other cutting edge initiatives. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Todd for his strategic leadership and advancing the state of Swift on Server and the integration of Swift and AWS.

Jimmy McDermott (@jdmcd) is joining the workgroup representing Transeo. Jimmy has been involved with Swift on server since Vapor's early days. Working on multiple Swift on server projects led him to create the Vapor Queues library which he continues to maintain. Jimmy is the CTO of Transeo, where he and his team use Vapor to scale services to millions of users.

Welcome Dave and Jimmy, and thank you Todd.


Thanks, @tomerd! Really excited to be a part of the group!